Web Camera and Weather Sticker

Weather Sticker

Ski fanatics at HudsonBay Mountain™, you'll love this. (actually from a cabin located within the HudsonBay Mountain™ Recreation Area)

This camera sticker will display an image of the current weather conditions along with the current temperature and wind speed. The image is linked to a detailed weather page on my web site.

This image is updated every 15 minutes during daylight hours. The weather data is updated every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. Camera Button size: 160 by 132 pixels.

Notes: During night time hours a previously uploaded image will be substituted. All time is based on Pacific time.

Copy the following code and place it where you want this sticker to appear on your site.

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Weather Underground

Comprehensive details, including alternate stickers, location of the weather station on google maps, as well as detailed weather history on weather underground

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