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Smithers Rural Area

Smithers is surrounded by a broad valley and productive farm land. Farmers started developing farms around 1910 when land was Crown Granted to Boer War Veterans. The majority of the rural area is made up farmland in large parcels averaging 160 acres in size [ ΒΌ section]. Much of the land around Smithers is in the Agricultural Land Reserve[ ALR] with the purpose of protecting farmland, which makes subdivision difficult. There are a number of 5 acre rural neighbourhoods that are [generally] on non- ALR land or were created before the ALR came into effect in 1973. Country properties are responsible for their own water and sewer systems, which can be expensive to build or replace. Rural internet services are improving but can be site specific so always ask what is available. Demand is highest within 15 minutes of town so if you are willing to go farther out you will see that the prices are lower. The rural neighbourhoods hold onto the past with community halls such as, Glentanna Hall, Round Lake Hall and Evelyn Hall that act as gathering places the community.